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Colleen PhillipsColleen Phillips' Coaching for Widows offers strategies "for those who want to rediscover themselves and find new empowering strategies for life."

Are you stuck or struggling to discover what you want now and how to make it happen? Here are some areas where coaching can support you.

Are you concerned about what to do today? What to do to move forward? Do you want to set new goals and steps to achieve those?

Widows, find your joy again. Put the pieces back together. Create a "new normal" that works.

25 Coaching For Widows Goals:

  • Become unstuck
  • Walk in and through grief –Learn how to “be with it” so you can fully experience it and you can move through it.
  • Discover what is most important now. Discover what is you really wantLook at your level of satisfaction in the 8 sections of life that represent balance (Physical Environment, Personal Growth, Friends & Family, Health, Money, Significant other, Fun & Recreation, Career)
  • Establish boundaries
  • Learn how to say yes and say no
  • Determine passion and purpose
  • De-clutter your mind and your personal space
  • Find your joy again
  • Discover how best to raise children as a single parent
  • Discover how best to work as a single parent
  • Discover how to date again when and if ready
  • Laugh, cry, share, learn and grow
  • Make decisions that align with your “new normal” and your values
  • Find the support and encouragement you want
  • Be challenged for the sake of personal growth
  • Learn how to get a good nights rest
  • Learn how to make your living space evolve and bring you joy and happiness
  • Learn how to ensure all of your financial matters are attended to
  • Learn how to best take care of you
  • Set goals –take action
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Go after what you really want in life
  • Be in a coaching relationship that supports, acknowledges, champions, and challenges you towards your personal fulfillment.
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