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Women Headed Household Empowerment Program


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The PEKKA Program was started in December, 2001, with the vision to empower the head household women to help create a structure of a prosperous, gender just society with human rights values. While the mission of PEKKA is to organize and facilitate the women headed households to be able to improve their welfare, to have access to the various resources, to be able to participate actively in every cycle of development in their region, to have a critical awareness of their rights as human beings and as citizens, as well as to have control over themselves and over the decision making process within their family as well as in the society.

In order to achieve this vision and mission, PEKKA conducts these activities:

  • To build a vision and mission as well a perspective of justice and equality in class and gender
  • To increase the technical, managerial, leadership capacity and the Pekka personnel in their attitude of life
  • To develop the Pekka organization and network into a movement
  • To conduct policy advocacy and to campaign the changes in values in order to be build gender justice in the society.
  • To document and publish the story of the life, struggle and activities of the women headed families.
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