Weaving a Web of Support for Widows Worldwide

Across the human landscape, women of all ages become widows every moment. The death of a mate, like the shedding bark of a tree, asks a woman to peel away the layers of her life and look under the skin of her own story. Her journey may be courageous, triumphant and filled with grace as she peers into her depth and discovers who she is.

Tragically, more often than not a widow does not have the luxury of peering into her depth and discovering who she is. Often she has children to raise, to feed and to clothe. She is among the poorest of the poor, her life a daily struggle of survival. Across ethnic groups, widows are commonly marginalized by society and even their own families. They are perceived as witches—outcast, sexually abused, killed. By the gift of shared story and through collaboration with regional and global organizations, WidowSpeak brings awareness and support to widows everywhere.


WidowSpeak is a literary project and a humanitarian effort weaving a web of support around widows everywhere.

At WidowSpeak

You can read widows’ stories, see widows in the news and the arts, visit a photo gallery of widows, learn about widows’ projects, and participate in the discourse of widowhood.

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A storybank of widows’ stories from around the world

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A neighborhood of widows supporting each other—sharing their strengths, resources and camaraderie

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Portrayals of widows through the eyes of artists—from literature to dance, from photography to music, from opera to film, from painting to poetry

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Global headlines and issues related to widows and their lives

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A pastiche of portraits showing the many faces, cultures and costumes of widowhood

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