Weaving a Web of Support for Widows Worldwide

Aug 1, 2007Press Release

Salon FlyerContact Person:
AnnMarie Ginella – Executive Director/Editor


If you are a widow, or you are friends & family of a widow,
or are writing a widow’s story, you are invited to a…

WidowSpeak Salon

Sunday, August 26th, 2007 at
2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

at the home of Judy Gantz
302 Wilson Road ~ Sebastopol

Call 824-8030 for reservations

There will be music, poetry, prose and tea.
Join us as we share stories and create community for widows,
locally and around the world.

View the PDF Flyer for this event

The most heartbreaking stories came from widows whose husbands had died from HIV-Aids. Many of them were grandmothers in their eighties who had also lost their adult children to the pandemic....and, as a result, were trying to make their very meager resources stretch to cover the needs of their grandchildren. Some of them had 10-15 grandchildren living with them, and the prospect of feeding and educating them was simply overwhelming. Sites like yours may shed some light on issues like these.
     ~ Paola Gianturco, author, In Her Hands-Craftswomen Changing the World and Celebrating Women

Since my new-found, unwanted status of widow my life has taken a turn for the surreal. The way people talk to me, look at me, treat me. As I walked through your web site I found a comfortable place to sit. Something I haven't felt in along time. Reading what others have gone through has made me feel less strange and alone.
     ~ Judy Trejos, San Diego