Weaving a Web of Support for Widows Worldwide

WidowSpeak wishes to thank the following friends, supporters and professionals for their involvement with the WidowSpeak project.

The WidowSpeak Board of Directors

Michelle Berelowitz, Carla Caletti, Lisa Clyde, Catherine Gorchoff, Megan Anthony Eierman, Carol Peek Griffin, Kerri Kor, and Jacquilyn Schieber for their expertise and commitment to the WS vision.


Catherine Banti, Law Offices of Anderson, Ziegler, Disharoon, Gallager and Gray

Micheal Carlson, Law Offices of Geary, Shea, O’Donnell and Grattan

Design, Editing and Web Technology

Clifford Hill, Sassy Monkey Media

Marcus Badgley, Marcus Badgley Design

Cassandra Birdsall, Mind Over Matter Design

Lisa Clyde

Catherine Gorchoff

Riba Taylor


Jean Schulz—Community Foundation Sonoma County


National Women’s History Project and Molly Murphy MacGregor for fiscal sponsorship

Ginella-Eierman boys—Colby, Anton, Zavier and Pierre—for their smiles, hugs, kisses, frowns, pouts, giggles, trust and love

Ginella family for continued love and encouragement

Matthew Ginella for advice

Mary Ruthsdotter for advice