Weaving a Web of Support for Widows Worldwide

Widows are the wealthiest women in the world, and they are the poorest. In the Forbes 2005 List of the 400 wealthiest Americans, ten U.S. widows make up a combined wealth of nearly 20 billion. In Guatemala, ten widowed grandmothers form a weaving collective to raise enough money to send their grandchildren to school.

WidowSpeak forms a global family of widows working collectively to effect change in the world for widows and their children.

WidowSpeak poses the questions/challenges…

  • How many widows does it take to raise 10 million dollars?
  • How much effect for women and their children can widows with 10 million dollars have in the world?

WidowSpeak relies entirely on your donations. If you would like support widows through WidowSpeak, please donate your resources or time or talents:

WidowSpeak’s Five-Year Plan from March  2006–2011 is to build the Widows’Web to 1000 archived stories and to raise 10 million dollars through Widows in the Hood.

What WidowSpeak does with the money you donate:

Widows’ Web

  • Gives the gift of shared stories, fostering healing and kinship, raising awareness and creating connections as far-reaching as the web is woven.
  • Edits, archives and publishes the stories of widows on the WidowSpeak website.
  • Offers professional writing services to help a widow write her story.

Widows in the Hood

  • Collaborates with regional and global organizations that share WidowSpeak’s mission of supporting widows.
  • Raises funds for education, employment and health services for widows and their children.
  • Creates global neighborhoods of widows, diminishing isolation and hopelessness.

Please join us as we create a family of widows weaving a web of support around widows everywhere. Contact annmarie@widow-speak.org or 707-824-8030.