Weaving a Web of Support for Widows Worldwide

June 2001
While writing her memoir, A Postmodern Widoe, AnnMarie conceives the idea of WidowSpeak. In her story of loss and love, AMG discovers a family of widows, the women with whom she will share her widow’s walk. These women are the inspiration for WidowSpeak.

February 2005
AMG resigns from her position in development at Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm and forms WidowSpeak, a literary project and a humanitarian effort.

WidowSpeak files articles of incorporation with the State of California, as a nonprofit public benefit corporation with a mission of weaving webs of support around widows everywhere.

March 2005
Founding board of directors for WidowSpeak is formed: Michelle Berelowitz, Carla Caletti, Lisa Clyde, Catherine Gorchoff, Megan Anthony Eierman, Carol Peek Griffin, Kerri Kor and Jacquilyn Schieber. Together with AnnMarie Ginella they begin to guide the mission and vision of WidowSpeak.

April 2005
WidowSpeak files for tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) and creates two programs:

Widows’ Web—publishing stories of widows from around the world

Widows in the Hood—creating a global neighborhood of widows

June 2005
AMG takes out a personal loan of $25K for start-up funds for WidowSpeak.

July 2005
WidowSpeak’s articles of incorporation are endorsed by the State of California.

AMG is hired as the executive director.

August 2005
WidowSpeak expands its programs to include:

Widows in the Arts—portrayals of widows through the eyes of artists

Widows in the News—issues and headlines from around the world

Photo Gallery—a pastiche of widows’ portraits

October 2005
WidowSpeak receives $25K grant from widow Jean Schulz through the Community Foundation Sonoma County and Schulz Family Donor Advised Funds. The National Women’s History Project serves as WidowSpeak’s fiscal sponsor for the Schulz grant.

December 2005
WidowSpeak receives 501c3 tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service.

March 2006
WidowSpeak launches the WidowSpeak website with its five programs, acronymed WHANG—the Widows’ Web, Hood, Arts, News and Gallery.

WidowSpeak sets its goal of publishing and archiving 1000 widows’ stories in five years and poses the questions/challenges, “How many widows does it take to raise 10 million dollars?” “How much change for women and their children can widows with 10 million dollars create?



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AnnMarie Ginella
AnnMarie Ginella – WidowSpeak creator and executive director