Weaving a Web of Support for Widows Worldwide

February 20, 2007Press Release

Contact Person: AnnMarie Ginella – Executive Director/Editor

Sebastopol, California

WidowSpeak, a non-profit literary and humanitarian project, announces the publication of Jean Schulz’s story: "Flying Through My Fears"

With the writing services of WidowSpeak, Jean Schulz, widow of Peanuts’ cartoonist, Charles M. Schulz, has written her story of her seven years of widowhood. Schulz tells how she has dealt with her grief by coming out of retirement to head the Peanuts’ empire. Schulz also reveals how she has used the flying trapeze to learn how to overcome her fears and all that she thought was too big to “take on.” Included with her story is a poem she wrote to “Sparky,” entitled, “Weeping.”

Says Schulz of working with WidowSpeak on her story, "It was very nice to talk to someone who actually seemed interested in my story.  I think about my life all the time, but I don't generally like to talk about myself. I've learned something from putting my thoughts into words."

WidowSpeak was created so that widows would have a place to share their stories of loss, grief, hope and renewal. Although the lives of widows can drastically vary, there is a common understanding and bond among widows. By sharing their stories, WidowSpeak creates a network of support among widows.

Along with widows’ stories and poetry, WidowSpeak’s website (www.widow-speak.org) includes:

  • WidowSpeak Blog – young widows offering their unique perspectives on a weekly basis

  • Widows in the Hood – a global neighborhood of widows’ supporting each other—sharing strengths, resources and camaraderie
  • Widows in the Arts – portrayals of widows through the eyes of artists—from literature to dance, photography to music, opera to film, painting to poetry

  • Widows in the News – headlines and issues from around the world related to widows and their lives

  • Photo Gallery of Widows – a pastiche of portraits showing the many faces, cultures and costumes of widowhood