June 12th, 2008 by

June 3 has come and gone for 2008. It’s just another day, but for me it would have been my 30th wedding anniversary.

The prior week I noticed that memories of my husband and memories of our life together on the farm were surfacing quite frequently.

I have been extremely busy recently and it took me a couple days to realize what was going on. Yes, I was remembering. And yes, my anniversary was coming up.

It has always been interesting to me how memories can be so vivid. It’s as if you truly are transported in time.

Several years ago I became aware of how I can allow myself to fully experience the memory and also be fully present in the moment.

The memories which had previously immersed me in the past for days or even weeks, actually now became a part of the overall rich tapestry which was June 3, 2008.

The memories surfaced in specific moments in time. I noticed them. I cherished them. I was grateful for them. And then I allowed myself to flow into the next moment.

Grief and memory have become part of the circle of life that for me becomes richer and more complete as I simply allow my thoughts and feelings to be, without resistance or attempting to hold them tightly.

The memories flow, as do other thoughts and feelings. June 3, 2008 was a rich and full day, in part because of my memories from that day thirty years ago.

I had a choice to let the memories flow or to grasp them tightly. I chose to let them flow. They are part of me but they do not consume my life.

I believe grief and memories can truly enrich our lives. The hardest part is accepting what is, right now.

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