Tragic differences
April 22nd, 2007 by

Recently posted at Living Forward, this excerpt perfectly describes the doubts in my mind every time I think about the possibility of ever becoming emotionally invested in another’s life. Unfortunately, there’s more than one kind of heartbreak out there; so I’ve included her commentary on the doubts of the recently divorced as well.

divorced: she might cheat on me
widowed: he might die on me

divorced: when is it going to fail
widowed: when will he get sick

divorced: 6 out of 10 marriages will fail
widowed: everyone dies

divorced: im scared of screwing up
widowed: im scared of losing him

divorced: i need to protect my heart
widowed: i need to protect my heart

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  1. annmarie Says:

    Dear Amanda,
    A very wise friend of mine said in response to my question, “What if he has a disease?”
    “You can handle it AnnMarie.”
    A week later, Peter was dead.
    As I respond to you, it is nearly ten years since that question and answer.
    Patricia is the same friend who said to me that the difference between being widowed and divorced is that at least your babies aren’t waiting on the porch for their daddy to show up, when he doesn’t.
    Yes, it’s true my babies didn’t expect their daddy to show up. Doesn’t mean we don’t yearn for him to appear though. It is a collective yearning that hasn’t gone away. We still want the mythological papa to appear. Someone to fill his shoes. Would be so nice to have another, who is interested and earnest.
    So I add to your list of tragic differences:

    divorced: he says he is going to show up and doesn’t
    widowed? if he could show up, you know he would

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