February 16th, 2007 by

I live in the realm of
my mother’s discomfort.

Speaking to her of
a husband’s death,
the emptiness of a home,
how slowly the bed warms up at night,
she withdraws.

Talk of empty refrigerators,
of dishwashers that are ran only half-full,
of trying to fill the time once spent
building the foundations of a new family,
ends abruptly at the emotional brick wall
that she has built.

Her silence regarding
all things widowhood
speaks volumes:
Surely, this won’t ever
happen to her.

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  1. sally garrido-spencer Says:

    how sad for you, a mother’s support is the most important through this journey. I am sorry.
    my mother has been my angel through all this, mostly bc she will (for the first time in my life) hold me whenever i need to be held.

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